You Like Me! You Really, Really Like Me!

Those now famous words are from actress Sally Fields’ acceptance speech for her second, Best Actress Oscar for her 1984 role in “Places in the Heart.” Her first Academy Award was in 1978 for “Norma Rae.”
Now is seems that Facebook has co-opted those words for its users. In order to join someone’s Fan Page, you have to “Like” them. If you wish to disconnect from them, you have to “Unlike” them. (Thank goodness, the Facebook people didn’t require us to “Hate” them.)

Dove has launched a Facebook Fan Page at

In a very short time, over 500 people have “liked” us. This place is set aside especially for people to express their own thoughts on the latest movies or DVDs; or just opine on the state of the entertainment industry in general. Of course, Dove’s mission is to encourage and promote family friendly entertainment. So we expect our FB friends to keep their comments civil, and avoid any unsavory language. And please, no violent pounding on your computer keys when expressing yourselves.

Seriously, we are looking forward to exchanging views with people who are concerned about the impact of entertainment on them and their families. The tired old axiom that movies only reflect society and do not influence behavior has been discredited by hundreds of studies. So, it remains for us to discuss how movies move us and whether certain films are worthy of the time and expense of purchasing a ticket or buying a DVD.

We look forward to seeing you at the water cooler.