writer: Jason Friedberg

Vampires Suck

August 18, 2010
This movie is classified as a horror-comedy. It is really a parody with not-so-subtle references to "Twilight" in the tradition of the much funnier “Airplane,” “Hot Shots” and “The Naked Gun” series, starring Leslie Nielson. The lead characters' names are even similar to the "Twilight" [...]

Disaster Movie

August 29, 2008
This movie is a "disaster" as far as it being anything close to a family movie. It is filled with sexual innuendos, disrespectful attitudes, a lot of alcohol abuse and strong language which is included in some of the songs featured in the film. It parodies such films as "The Incredible Hulk" and [...]

Meet the Spartans

January 25, 2008
Parody movies are supposed to be funny because they exaggerate the outrageous things that society finds interesting, topical or just repulsive - I get that. Unfortunately, "Meet the Spartans" chooses to just make fun of the events and situations that the common person found sleazy in 2007. I was [...]

Epic Movie

January 26, 2007
One family walked out of this movie at the screening I attended. I wouldn't have minded joining them. However, it's our job at Dove to inform the public of the content of films and I am sad to say that this film had a lot of unwholesome content. In fact, it would be impossible to use the word [...]

Scary Movie

July 7, 2000
The film, perhaps the grossest I have ever seen, is aimed at teenage boys and those who enjoy mean-spirited, crude humor. According to director Wayans, “If you’re a filmmaker doing one of these over-the-top comedies today, you have to measure your starting point where the last guy left off.” [...]