Welcome to the 8th Annual Crystal Dove Seal Awards

CDSstickerHUFor the past quarter century, The Dove Foundation has provided up-to-date information and reviews of movies in the theater and on home entertainment. Over the years, our followers frequently asked us to identify the best Dove-approved movies. In 2008 we created the CRYSTAL DOVE SEAL AWARD to recognize the best films of the previous year. Rather than our staff making the final decisions, we felt it was important to get input from families who know and trust the Dove Seal ratings. Here’s how it works…

The Dove staff nominated the 50 highest rated Dove-approved movies from 2015. The list of nominees is sorted into five categories – ACTION, ADVENTURE, ANIMATED, DOCUMENTARY, and DRAMA and published online so you can vote for your favorite film in each category.

Award shows like the Critics’ Choice Awards and the Golden Globes represent the collective opinion of each group’s members, most of whom are critics or pundits, not values-conscious consumers. The Academy Awards, Producers’ Guild, Writers’ Guild, and Screen Actors’ Guild Awards represent peers voting for peers. It’s worth noting how many of the nominees were not popular with moviegoers. It’s as though the industry hypes certain titles to help boost revenues of movies that underperformed at the box office. Much of the award show voting is tainted by backroom bartering. This year’s Academy Awards have been called into question and voting members were accused of racial bias.

By casting your ballot for the Best Dove Approved Movies of 2015, you are joining with hundreds of thousands of people united by a set of common values, e.g., enthusiastic movie-goers who look for quality motion pictures that are inspirational and aspirational; and that entertain without offending.

CDSTrophyHUMajor movie studios and independent filmmakers value the CRYSTAL DOVE SEAL. Our job is to present your preferences to studio executives and producers. The result is that Hollywood will produce more movies that reflect your values.

This year, we were truly blessed with some wonderful selections. Many are from the major studios. But, a large number of independent films also scored very high in our quality ratings.

Religious-themed films are well represented this year. Over 1/3 of the top Dove-approved titles for 2015 (18 of 50 titles) are stories of faith.

Deadline for voting is Monday, February 29th at Midnight Pacific Time. Only one vote per email address will be counted.

The freedom to express our opinions by casting a vote is a critical right that we must never take for granted. More than merely choosing a few of your favorite films, your vote is very important. It sends a message to Hollywood filmmakers that you want more movies like those you voted for from the list endorsed by The Dove Foundation.

The polls are now closed – Click Here for the Winners