Vote for the Best Dove Seal Award Winning Movies of 2012

Dear friends,

If you read my January article, you’ll be expecting this announcement.  The online polls are now open for you to select the Best Dove Seal Award Winning Movies of 2012.   

The winners in each of 7 categories ACTION, ADVENTURE, ANIMATED, COMEDY, DOCUMENTARY, DRAMA, and LIMITED RELEASE will receive the coveted Crystal Dove Seal Award. Deadline for voting is February 28th.   

Voting is a very important way of selecting the best of anything, so long as we acknowledge that the results reflect the opinions of voters. In this case your vote is important, because it sends a message to Hollywood and all filmmakers that you want more wholesome family movies, like those approved by The Dove Foundation.

Crystal Dove Seal AwardOther awards like the Critics’ Choice Awards and the Golden Globes represent the collective opinion of each group’s members/voters, most of whom are critics or pundits but not consumers. The Academy Awards, Producers’ Guild, Writers’ Guild, and Screen Actors’ Guild Awards represent peers voting for peers; hardly an objective group.

As a voter of the Best Dove Family Approved Movies of 2012, you  are joined by a set of common values with hundreds of thousands of people who really care about the entertainment they choose. Dove voters are mostly enthusiastic movie-goers who look for quality motion pictures that entertain without offending.  

Major movie studios and independent filmmakers value the Crystal Dove Seal. This award is a tribute to you and the other families who care about making informed entertainment choices. Our job is to present your preferences to studio executives and producers. The result is that Hollywood will produce more movies that reflect your values.

Vote now and we will send you a copy of the results on March 1st.

The polls are now open – vote today! DEADLINE FOR ALL VOTING IS FEBRUARY 28th