Man With A Mission: History on Video for Election Year

Election Day is just around the corner, and the thoughts of many turn (perhaps reluctantly?) to politics. In a year when religious liberty has been an important issue, homeschoolers have an opportunity to draw lessons from history that can be applied to current events. And if you know where to look, there are excellent videos […]

The Unique Challenge of Parenting Teens in 2016

I think parents today have a unique challenge. It’s called technology. Because of the day we live in, with things changing so rapidly, we don’t have the luxury of mimicking good parenting from ten years ago. Why not? Because ten years ago, none of the apps on our kids’ phones even existed. Whenever parents from […]

Let’s Get Organized

Sometimes we, as women, can get overwhelmed with the feeling that we should be everything and know everything, all the time. It’s an exhausting and overwhelming expectation! In this video, we will explore simple ways to complete a task, be at peace about not being someone we’re not, and how to ask for help. Let’s […]

Literature on Video: Holmes-School

Supplementing a homeschool literature curriculum with videos can be a good idea, but many film adaptations of classic literature fall short when it comes to faithfulness to the original source. Sleuthing for which films are worthy of school time can make any parent feel a bit like Sherlock Holmes himself. Our family’s favorite source is […]

Life & Death: On Screens and in Real Life

As the line zigzagged back and forth, I was greeted with pictures of a beautiful, smiling couple, obviously in love. They were surrounded in the pictures by four adorable, spunky kids. One of the pictures was taken on the beach, less than week ago. The family was barefoot, smiling, with arms and hands interwoven. But […]

Health and Healing

With magazines, TV, and Billboards telling us what’s beautiful and acceptable, it can be difficult to keep positive about the body we’ve been given. But we are made for so much more than just eating, exercising, and trying to keep up with unrealistic standards. This episode of Simple Sparkle is about living your best life […]

Grandparents and Homeschooling

Preserving and Passing On The Legacy Of The Past Benjamin Franklin humorously highlighted the importance of older generations to children with a famous quip: “If you would have good success in life, choose with utmost care your grandparents.” It’s safe to say that most grandparents were not homeschooled themselves. So there is undoubtedly a range […]

Parenting Teens on Good Vs. Bad Movies

It’s an undeniable fact. Some movies are good. Others are, well, bad. I’m not talking about cinematography, plot, acting or directing. I’m a pretty cheerful critic when it comes to those elements. What I’m talking about is the movie’s merit. Is it a movie worth watching? Does it have enough redeeming qualities to give your […]

Combating TV Culture

All you have to do is turn on the ole television to see a vast world of make believe. It’s a place where average kids become rock stars, travel around the world by themselves, live in penthouses, order unlimited online supplies, make up with friends every time, and work in cool places No doubt there […]

How to Have a Family Movie Night

Sometimes our lives and schedules can be so hectic that it seems we’re all living separate lives and just sleeping in the same house. That’s why it’s good to set aside special times of fun and refreshing with our spouses and kids. In this video, “Family Movie Night”, we’ll explore simple ways to have fun, […]