Dick Rolfe

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Dick Rolfe
Co-Founder and CEO
The Dove Foundation

For the past 25 years Dick Rolfe has made Hollywood the focus of his work, building relationships with entertainment executives and filmmakers; encouraging them to create more movies that are suitable for family viewing. The organization’s DOVE SEAL of APPROVAL is recognized internationally as the trusted symbol of wholesome entertainment. Rolfe recently spearheaded the launch of DOVE CHANNEL, a new online streaming service featuring hundreds of faith-friendly and family-approved movies and TV series. Many are calling Dove Channel, “a family-friendly Netflix.”

In addition to his usual written monthly commentary, Rolfe has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, USA TODAY, Variety, Billboard, Hollywood Reporter, Premiere Magazine, Forbes, The Washington Post, The New York Times and The Financial Times. His national television appearances include NBC News, MSNBC, CNN, FOX News, Hollywood Reporter on Starz, Entertainment Tonight, and PBS’ Freedom Speaks.

Rolfe is a frequent conservative voice in prominent forums of debate; he has appeared as a panelist with such noted individuals as playwright, Neil Simon. Rolfe also addresses civic groups and churches around the country about the powerful influence of media on today’s society.

Prior to his work with The Dove Foundation, Rolfe held senior management positions in radio, television and magazine publishing. He produced a TV special, “Hollywood’s Impact on Family Values,” hosted by entertainment legend Steve Allen. He is executive producer of the feature film, “Frontier Boys.”

Rolfe has served on boards and advisory boards for 20th Century Fox’s FoxFaith division, Mott Children’s Hospital, Compass College of Cinematic Arts and The Business Roundtable (CBRT). He is also a member of Biola University’s Studio Taskforce.

He and his wife Mary live in West Michigan; not far from their three children, six grandchildren and seven great grandchildren.