Sometimes We Make Mistakes!

Tammy, a mom who uses our website regularly took time to write and share her concerns about a movie we had reviewed.

Tammy said:

“I have your website bookmarked and refer to it frequently regarding movies my two young children want to see.  I find the reviews helpful because I can see EXACTLY what profanity was used (if any) and maybe other things I don’t care for my children to see.  Thank you for this website so I can feel comfortable selecting the appropriate movies for my children. 

My daughter mentioned wanting to see an Indiana Jones movie so I thought I would look it up on DOVE to see if we felt it would be appropriate.  I understand that it was given the O.K. because it didn’t contain biblical profanity, but it does bother me that this movie was considered appropriate for all ages even with this type of content.

I will continue to use your website because it is so detailed in its reviews (listing profanity, nudity, etc.)., but I felt compelled to email you regarding this. “  

I wrote and thanked Tammy for pointing out a mistake in our review of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The review itself was correct, but we mistakenly awarded it the wrong age range Seal.  A movie with any content category at level 0 or 1 qualifies for our ALL AGES Seal. If any category reaches level 2 the movie warrants our AGES 12+ seal.  We have made the correction thanks to Tammy.

We appreciate it when readers care enough to share their findings with us. It keeps us on our toes.