Simplify Your Life – Choose Only Family Friendly Entertainment

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December 2008

        Issue: 17:12 [email protected]


Simplify Your Life – Choose Only Family Friendly Entertainment
by Dick Rolfe, CEO – The Dove Foundation®

Dick Rolfe, CEO - The Dove FoundationLife is complicated enough, especially if you are a parent or grandparent. Beyond the normal workday, there’s shopping to be done, kids’ soccer practices or swimming matches to attend, morning Bible studies and mid-week church services, choir practices, family gatherings, and the list goes on.Not much spare time for relaxation – even with all the electronic innovations that promise to ‘simplify’ our lives. So, once in a while, it’s nice to take a night off and go see the latest movie. If you’re a homebody, you may prefer watching a hotly promoted “family hour” sitcom on TV, or pop in a new DVD you rented or purchased. If there are children around, you may even be coaxed into playing some new-fangled video game.But, what do you know about the content of that movie, DVD, TV sitcom or video game before you commit yourself and your family to watch it.  I know; who has time to pre-screen every movie, television program or video game before subjecting your family to the experience?

Have you, like so many others we’ve talked to, sat down to watch a DVD or TV program only to be assaulted by a sexually suggestive scene, or a four-letter word blurted into the sanctuary of your living room?

How about trying desperately to cover your child’s eyes or ears in the middle of a so-called “family” movie?  If you are offended in a movie, you can always request a refund for your ticket. But, there are no refunds for the loss of time, gasoline and concessions you purchased on your way in.

There is one profoundly simple solution to all these dilemmas. The Dove Foundation has joined with Parents Television Council and Plain Games to form Family Entertainment Central. This is an exciting, new website on the Internet where you can find all the news and information on family entertainment you will ever need; from easy to read reviews and information about the newest movie releases, DVDs, television programs and the most popular video games.

Family Entertainment

As Rebecca Hagelin, vice president at The Heritage Foundation–and a mom–says,
“Do yourself and your kids a favor and bookmark now. I can’t think of a better — or easier — way to ensure wholesome entertainment options in the years ahead.”

The Dove Foundation partners with Family Entertainment Central by providing our detailed movie and DVD reviews and commentary. Parents Television Council posts their comprehensive television program reviews, and Plain Games helps you navigate the complex arena of video games.

To learn more about Family Entertainment Central and its partners, you can read a special issue of Christian Entertainment Review by clicking on the icon below.


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