Walk On the Pier, A (Manuscript)



Our first show: “A Walk on the Pier”, is a thirty minute
pilot for a faith-based fantasy anthology webisode. Every
two weeks, we’ll transport the audience outside present
reality with stories that parallel or are inspired by events,
characters and teachings from the Bible.

Marie Van Kamp, a cynical agnostic middle age woman, returns
to her home town to attend to the affairs of her deceased
father. After the funeral, two of her friends invite Marie to
relax and take a road trip to an old childhood hang out, the
Grand Haven Pier.

But as the three take their nostalgic stroll, Marie spots the
figure of a little girl in the lookout of a closed
lighthouse. Her friends see nothing and dismiss it as a
shadow and suggest she may have seen a ghost. Marie is not

She returns to the pier alone and to her surprise, finds the door to the tower has been strangely left
opened. She enters, and upon reaching the lookout, finds that the little girl is
there, but has now been transfigured into an angelic aura. She beckons Marie to step in and, as she
does, Marie is engulfed in light and suddenly transported back in time to Israel, one week after the
resurrection of Christ.

Dove Review

This is a terrific story! This manuscript has a main character, Marie, going back into time, to the time of Jesus. This happens after Marie lost her father to the grave. Her faith is renewed and her hope is made a living thing after this journey to the time of the Christ.

This is an awesome story and the script is the first of several forthcoming webisodes. We want to see them all! It’s spirituality is unquestionable and its execution of the story is dramatic. Five Doves from us and each are happily awarded to this manuscript. It is an inspiring story that uses yesterday to give hope for today and tomorrow.

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: Talk of the crucified Christ whose body was stolen or he arose; Roman persecution is mentioned.
Drugs: Characters have a few drinks.
Nudity: None
Other: A character talks about not believing in religion and that she has tried being a Buddhist, the I-Ching, Yoga, new age, old age, etc.; a death in the story and grief; a character thinks she sees a ghost but it is not;


Company: Heavenly Place Pictures
Genre: Drama
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter