Mirror Mirror

Theatrical Release: March 30, 2012
DVD Release: June 26, 2012
Mirror Mirror
Dove "Family-Approved"
For All Ages


One of the most beloved stories of all time is coming to life in the motion picture event, Mirror Mirror. A fresh and funny retelling of the Snow White legend, Mirror Mirror features breakout star Lily Collins (The Blind Side) as Snow White, a princess in exile, and Oscar®-winner Julia Roberts as the evil Queen who ruthlessly rules her captured kingdom. Seven courageous rebel dwarfs join forces with Snow White as she fights to reclaim her birthright and win her Prince in this magical adventure comedy filled with jealousy, romance, and betrayal that will capture the hearts and imaginations of audiences the world over. The film also stars Armie Hammer (The Social Network) as the Prince, and Nathan Lane (The Birdcage) as the hapless and bungling servant to the Queen.

Dove Review

Refreshing! Campy! Funny on purpose! What a movie experience this is! This imaginative film will have little girls dreaming of being a princess, little boys pretending to beat the ghoulish guards of the evil queen, and adults snickering at the movie’s funny lines and camp. For example, when one character is given a “puppy love” potion instead of simply a “love potion” the results are very humorous.

In this refreshing take on a legendary story, an evil queen (Julia Roberts) seizes control of a kingdom and plots to take the life of the heir, an exiled princess (Lily Collins) named Snow White who relies on the help of seven “dwarf” rebels to win back the kingdom which is rightfully hers. She happens to care about the people as well, something which is far from the mind of the queen, who suggests the poor eat bread and pretend it is meat. The phrase “Let them eat cake” echoes in one’s ears. When the queen sets her eyes on a wealthy prince, the same young man Snow White fancies, the queen says, “It’s time for me to get rich, I mean hitched.”

The film contains a lot of slapstick physical comedy and duels and fights, and the image of a beast might be a bit frightening for younger viewers. So, with this caveat and suggestion parents consult our content chart and description before taking young children to the movie. We are pleased to award this rousing modern fairy tale our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for all ages. This is a movie which has something for everyone. So, if you will pardon the expression, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…white. “Mirror Mirror” is a fun experience not to be missed.

Content Description

Sex: Kissing by a couple and of course love's true kiss; a character acts like a puppy and jumps up on top of the queen a couple of times; mild innuendo.
Language: "Fools"-1; "Witch"-1; Idiot-1; "For the love of God"-1
Violence: Queen grabs Snow White's hair; in a fight men are kicked while down; two young men are hung upside down waiting for help to come; men are cut down from rope and fall to the ground; a queen clearly states she wants a character killed; a character hits head on a tree branch; man hit in head with a rock; coach overturns; man hits a woman several times on the rear with a sword while dueling; a character stomps on other character's foot; several duels and fights; punches and kicking; an arrow hits a character; a puppet creature attacks until its strings are cut.
Drugs: Drinking out of royal cups which is probably wine but it is not clear what it is; a few characters are given a potion.
Nudity: Cleavage; shirtless men in a few scenes; bare midriff.
Other: Magic is a part of this fairy tale but the evil magic is defeated; evil character plots betrayal and the death of a character; bird "poop" is used as a facial cream for the queen as are worms and other disgusting creatures; bird flatulence; money is stolen by queen and also by dwarfs but Snow White insists it be given to the people who have been unfairly taxed; it's stated the queen has had five marriages; a large scary beast is seen.


Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter
Source: Theater
Company: Relativity Media
Writer: Jacob Grimm & Wilhelm Grimm
Director: Tarsem Singh
Producer: Bernie Goldmann
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 105 min.
Industry Rating: PG
Starring: Lily Collins,
Julia Roberts,
Armie Hammer