Change the Heart, Change the World (Manuscript)



In what could be filmed as either a movie or documentary, this manuscript brings to the forefront the long-standing issues of the Middle East and gives a history of what has been called “the three great religions of the world”, namely Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The script focuses on the man in the street’s opinion, historical footage, and ultimately the conclusion that Christ holds the only hope for lasting peace.

Dove Review

This is a compelling manuscript and well worth taking the time to read it. At 64 pages, it is a fairly quick read and yet contains the history of what has been called the three great religions of the world: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The script refers to biblical passages as well as documented historical events and it is written in a real-time manner, as a narrator shares events and the “man on the street” is interviewed for his opinion and documentary footage is featured.

Ultimately, the script focuses on the problems of extreme Islamic terrorist acts and how that Christ is the answer the world needs. The three main religions of the world collide at times and only a change of heart can bring about changing the world, and the script focuses on how that Christ is the one to change the hearts of men.

Various knowledgeable people are interviewed such as Rabbi Ken Spiro. Archaeological finds present the idea that the Jews have long held the land that others want to claim as their own. Examples of the Jews’ battles include mention of the 1967 Six Day War.

Some violent moments on the screen in the script are mentioned but these are mainly described as a few scenes with blood and as long as these scenes are not gratuitous, this would make for an interesting movie or documentary and could most likely receive our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for ages twelve plus. With too much blood on display it would not receive the Dove Seal. As it stands, we recommend this wonderfully researched and detailed manuscript for our Dove Seal as a manuscript. It is well written and will certainly educate many people who only have a peripheral view of the long-standing issues in the Middle East.

Content Description

Sex: Women are not looked to as equals but are sometimes abused in various parts of the Middle East.
Language: None
Violence: Examples of Israel being threatened with war; comments about people being killed; acts of revenge including suicide bombers; the siege of the temple is referred to; acts of violence are referred to as stemming from human dignity; talk of violent acts and assassination attempts; it's mentioned a family including young children were killed by a terrorist act; some are left bloody from violent acts according to page 48.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: The raging war among different religions in the Middle East including Judaism, Christianity and Islam; different interpretations of the Bible and whether or not Isaac or Ishmael was the promised heir of Abraham.


Company: Paraclete Television Productions
Genre: Documentary
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter