The Cool Beans: Humbucket Caper (Manuscript)

The Cool Beans: Humbucket Caper (Manuscript)


The Cool Beans want to play music but the nefarious Tulk seeks the famous humbucket and endangers many of the characters featured in this wildly imaginative story.

Dove Review

This manuscript contains some great lines. In one scene we hear this from a potato: “You hold on to Junior, Spud. I don’t want him to get mashed.” This script contains that kind of humor and exhibits a wild imagination. And, with a title like “Cool Beans: Humbucket Caper”, it really delivers. Another example of this is the pun made when peanut butter is mentioned. A character says, “Don’t pe an da butter!”

First off, you have some great character names like Peat and Repeat, who head-butt each other, and Violet and Daisy and Daisy loves the character named Streetch, so there is even a bit of “flowery” romance. You have a kind of bad guy in Tulk, who tells various characters to “Shut it” fairly often. And you have a quest for a humbucket, which we learn is a musical horn. Interestingly enough, the Cool Beans put on a very special and “unique” concert at the end (we don’t want to give it away) and the ending should satisfy every traveler on this adventure.

The illustrations in this manuscript are terrific and really give the reader a good idea of what the finished product should look like when made into a movie. The themes include being true to one’s self and also the importance of romantic love and not giving up on a quest. We are pleased to award these Cool Beans something we believe is as good as a “Humbucket” and that is our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for all ages. These are musical beans in every sense of the word!

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Content Description

Sex: A "little kiss" is mentioned; characters kiss; Dandylion says, "Hey, fellas", in a sexy voice.
Language: O/G-1; Knuckle Head-1; "Shut It" meaning "Shut Up" is uttered several times; Jeez-1; Knob Head-1; "Poop" comment; "Dummy"-1; "Dopes"-1
Violence: A character is hit and lands in some "people" gum; the Crows talk of kidnapping and ransom; a character hits another character in the mouth; two characters are pricked by thorns; a character faints but is okay.
Drugs: A joke is told which takes place at a bar.
Nudity: None
Other: A few characters are after the humbucket (A musical horn) and are determined to do almost anything, including kidnapping, to get it; a scene takes place at Clam's Casino with some gambling going on.


Company: Walsh Family Media
Genre: Children
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter