Walk on Water: Season One

DVD Release: June 23, 2010
Walk on Water: Season One


Several college-bound youth spend their summer together at the beach as they discover how their contrasting views on life and faith interface with how they deal with life’s challenges.

Dove Review

This is a show many teens and young adults in particular will relate to. The series covers problematic situations for young adults, such as paying rent, disagreements between boyfriends and girlfriends, addictions (like gambling) and in addition features a dad in the story who battles alcoholism.

The main characters include Jen, Lance, Lilly, Tina, Wake and Nate. Jen and Lance are an item and decide to move into an apartment together despite advice not to from conservative Christian friend Lilly and also from Nate. Lance battles an addiction to gambling and finds himself in debt and without rent money to help Jenna. Tina lives with a dad who drinks all of the time and she is influenced by others to party too, but Lilly determines to use her Christian influence to lead Tina away from the same possible fate her father faces. Lilly often finds herself in the middle as her friends like her but sometimes get on her about her “preaching”. She is called “Miss Christian” a few times. Nate is facing his own struggles, and sells his car in order to stay in school. Wake is the one who always is waiting for his “dream” woman and for perfection to come along! He provides some comedy relief.

The twelve episode titles are as follows: 1. Living Together 2. God or no God 3. Addictions and Consequences 4. Another Life 5. Greener Pastures 6. Fish Out of Water 7. Fair Weather Friend 8. Enough is Enough 9. Lilly’s Past 10. Confrontations 11. For Your Daughter 12. Just Like Fluffy

There are some content issues, such as a couple living together, which make it necessary for us to award our Dove Seal to this series for ages twelve and older. However, they are influenced by Christians not to, and the consequences prove the Christians right. There is nothing in the series which crosses our acceptability level in awarding our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal to the series.

The series, over the space of twelve episodes, is set in Tampa Bay, Florida, just north of Clear Water. This group of characters is just starting college. Jenna and Lance talk about marriage but first plan to get an apartment together. Lilly, who had been raised by Christian foster parents, discourages this plan but they don’t listen. Lance daydreams about being wealthy and Jenna being at his beck and call. Lilly has a decision about sharing a lease with them and is concerned she will be tempted by night clubs and drinking. She shares her concern that Jenna might do the same things. Lilly is told that surely going to church all of the time is boring. Later in the series two girls disagree over what their friend Tina needs and if that includes God.

As the episodes continue the stories escalate in drama. Tina’s father is drunk on several occasions and grouchy but is soon arrested for his drinking and tearing up a place; Lance must deal with his gambling addictions but doesn’t want to admit he has a problem. Jenna gets tired of Lance not pulling his share of the financial load and paying his part of the rent and she kicks him out. When Jen suspects she is pregnant, she has to decide how she will handle the situation if she is.

A drug scene is included in the film, with a man passing out after sniffing cocaine but it is shown in a bad light and not condoned in any way. Eventually, the dramatic moments climax as a character has to have sudden and serious surgery, Lance makes an effort to reconnect with God, and Lilly realizes she has made a difference in her friends’ lives. As the series’ first season concludes, a character says it well, “It’s been quite a summer. It was a crazy summer!”

We are pleased to award our Dove Seal to this series. Follow the trials and triumphs of these young adults. You just might see yourself in some of these stories!

Content Description

Sex: Boyfriend and girlfriend kiss; a young woman and man live together and the woman fears she is pregnant but there are Christians who pray for them and talk to them about doing the right thing; a girl gets together with another young man before deciding she misses her old boyfriend.
Language: Geez-5; G/OMG-1; A Christian girl is called "Mother Teresa" and "Miss Christian" a few times; "That Bites"-2; "Crap"-1; "Flipping church" comment.
Violence: A young woman slaps a young man; two guys shove a man and punch him and take his money; a woman in anger kicks a young man's car; a dad and his daughter fight over his constant drinking; a character "peels out" in a truck in anger; a girl in anger says she is going to burn a bar down to the ground.
Drugs: Young adults drink at bar; signs which says "Cigars" and "Saloon"; a young woman's dad drinks a lot and we see this in various scenes throughout the series; talk of young woman's concern for her father's drinking problems; a girl has a severe headache and says she needs an aspirin; several comments by characters about going out and drinking; a man is seen sniffing cocaine but it is in a seedy place and he passes out and the behavior is not condoned but its consequences are clearly seen; beer bottles are seen.
Nudity: Girls in modest bathing suits; shirtless guys and girls and guys wear shorts; cleavage.
Other: A girl tells a Christian that she is not religious at all and the Christian replies, "I'm not either, I'm spiritual"; talk of church and God and a few comments such as "churchy"; in some inspirational scenes we hear some Christian music and Lilly continues to talk to her friends about experiencing a relationship with Christ; a discussion on the issue of abortion; a young man gambles on a card game; a woman faces a serious trouble; a character deals with the death of his wife and grieves.


Company: Bridgestone Multimedia Group
Writer: Rich Nation
Director: Rich Nation
Producer: Rich Nation & Bobbi Hill & Steve Kowalski
Genre: Serials/Shorts
Runtime: 360 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter