All for Juvie (Manuscript)



As Jackie Carver lies on her hospital deathbed, she confesses to Rikki, her seventeen-year-old daughter, that she and her husband Ron had kidnapped Rikki at age three. Rikki flees from waiting police officers but is quickly caught and returned to her biological father and brother, Dan and Marty Tolonen. Initially thrilled that Rikki, known to them by her birth name of Tara, is alive after more than fourteen years, Dan and Marty fight to adapt to having a wise-aleck, rebellious teenager living in their woodsy cabin. A war hero and Silver Star recipient, Dan has lost Tara’s real mother to cancer but now has renewed hope even though Tara refuses to answer to anything but “Juvie,” a tag bestowed by police officers because of her juvenile delinquencies.

After a ruckus with the Tolonen family in which Tara discovers her roots and begins to soften, she is kidnapped again by Ron Carver and an evil accomplice, who demand a $100,000 ransom. In a dramatic conclusion, Dan uses brain and brawn to save his daughter and capture the criminals. Tara returns to her new country home, where she finds true love and acceptance from Dan and Marty, who give their “all for Juvie” in a feel-good ending.

Dove Review

Here is a manuscript about a story that was seen in the news regarding a child stolen from her parents and found years later. When Rikki (Tara) discovers from Jackie the truth about her life, she is not willing to see the change as something better. But Dan (her biological father) sees it as an answered prayer. As the new family tries to get reacquainted, little do they know what danger lies ahead that will help reunite them.

This manuscript is awarded the Dove Family-Approved 12+ Seal. Due to the mature topic of child kidnapping, along with the violence and the language content in this film, it is approved for ages 12 and older. The story is compelling and suspenseful with a faith-based theme.

Content Description

Sex: A comment regarding molesting a kid; comment about being named after a dead "gang banger".
Language: Freakin'-1; OG-2; H-1; H (as a place)-1; Bull-1; D-1
Violence: Child is kidnapped; man with a .38 revolver uses it to rob; dead woman in a body bag; comment regarding killing people and setting bodies on fire; men kidnap a young woman; Man forcing young woman and man into trunk of car; man gets shot.
Drugs: Men smoke cigarettes; man using chewing tobacco; men drinking in a bar.
Nudity: None.
Other: Disrespectful attitudes; rudeness; topic of child stealing; spreading ashes from an urn.


Company: Panting Deer Productions
Writer: Alan Maki
Genre: Drama
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe