Saving Sicily (Manuscript)



A Christian woman saves a mobster lord’s life with CPR and he feels obligated to do something for her. She insists that he (Anthony Sicily) read the Bible. He doesn’t like that and sends his son Tony to try to convince her to take a donation for her church. She refuses and Tony continues to see her and the two soon develop feelings for one another. When a mafia rival determines to take Sicily down, it remains to be seen whether redemption will be on time for the senior Sicily and his son.

Dove Review

This is an intelligently written story and an interesting one to boot. The reader is taken into a world where a Christian woman, her pastor and church are confronted with a man who needs saving very badly, a mafia lord named Anthony Sicily. He has a son named Tony who soon develops feelings for the Christian woman named Trudy, this woman who saved his father’s life when he had a heart attack. She only asks that they read the Bible and she refuses to accept a donation for the church as a substitute.

The story includes some action as a certain mafia rival named Calzone and his men determine to wipe out Sicily and his son. When they wind up in church to carry out their wicked deed, a supernatural occurrence intervenes and the result is miraculous. This story has a strong theme of redemption and interesting characters. It needs to be told! It is sprinkled throughout with appropriate humor as well. It should be made into a film! We are very pleased to award our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal to “Saving Sicily”. It is a remarkable and inspiring story.

Content Description

Sex: A couple kisses.
Language: A woman is called a "ding-a-ling" "Idiot" comment; H (as a place)-2
Violence: Guns held on people; fist fights; bullets pepper a place as they crash through glass; bullet strikes a Bible.
Drugs: Beer in one brief scene.
Nudity: None
Other: Scriptures are quoted and taught: scene in Sunday school; prayer.


Company: GoodFight Productions
Genre: Drama
Reviewer: Edwin L.Carpenter