Blue Sky (Manuscript)

Blue Sky (Manuscript)


Two brothers raised by a stern father have grown up. When the youngest brother returns home some of the old tensions are renewed. The father keeps a secret that changes everything and the story focuses on whether or not it is too late for the family to find some harmony and unity.

Dove Review

This is a pretty good drama, focusing on a family which includes the father, Cliff, the mother, Mary, and two sons, Seth and Kyle. It wasn’t a perfect home the boys were raised in and years later we see the effects, with a problem in communicating between the father and his son Kyle, and between Kyle and his older brother Seth. Kyle moved away from Michigan to California when he grew up but now he returns with a fractured marriage and still in search of a better life. He believes his father is too hard and unfeeling, but as the story advances a secret his father has been keeping is learned and it will change the entire family.

We are pleased that there are several references to attending church and a faith in God. This is a story we definitely could get behind being turned into a film. The racing scenes and the working on the cars adds a nice touch to the story. The characters are well defined. There is a serious illness in the film, another element families can relate to. We are very pleased to award our Dove Seal to it as a family-friendly manuscript, recommending it for ages twelve and above.

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: Tension in the home; arguments; car accident.
Drugs: A few drinking scenes.
Nudity: Thigh is seen in story.
Other: Disagreements and family tensions; the subject of death and making peace with the past; a son speaks disrespectfully to his father and tells him to shut up but they work on their relationship.


Company: Red Pony Productions
Writer: Kurt Dreyer
Genre: Drama
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter