Sidewalk Singer (Manuscript)



A man who had everything-a good job and a family loses it all and finds himself singing gospel songs on the street corners and on sidewalks. He doesn’t want to blame God but has a difficult time understanding what happened and why. Then he meets some people who help him to find more meaning in his life, if only he can survive the gang which has evil intentions toward him.

Dove Review

This is an inspiring and well-written manuscript featuring a protagonist named Kris Kivi (Kivi being a Finnish name). He is a street singer of gospel songs and is eking out a living although he is behind in his rent. We learn from the manuscript that a wrong-way truck driver was responsible for an accident which took his wife Annie, son Derek and daughter Heather. Kris was the only survivor. He blames himself although there was nothing he could have done. This, along with him losing his job due to the economy, has pushed Kris to the limits during a time of severe testing of his Christian faith.

Some people come into his life which influence him in positive ways, including a woman named Rebecca and a pastor named Eric. Kris also deals with some punks who rob him of his rent money and threaten him. One thug has a heart and Kris, who sees him again, works on him, trying to get him to see his potential and his need for the Lord.

This motivational story includes themes of friendship, loyalty, and perseverance during difficult times. There are some shady characters in the story, and it has some Christians who don’t act the way they should yet they do change in the end. We think this would make a wonderful TV movie and we wish the author well in his endeavors. Five Doves all the way on this manuscript! Inspiring!

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: A truck is about to collide with a car; a man is robbed; a man carves an "S" into a man's guitar, saying it stands for "Satan" but later the man recovers it, adds some letters to it, and spells "Jesus"; two strings on man's guitar are purposely broken; a thug draws a switchblade; a pistol is held on bad guys.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: A street punk doesn't want to hear about God; Christian songs are sung; church scenes.


Company: Panting Deer Productions
Genre: Drama
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter