The Snow Walker

Theatrical Release: March 5, 2004
DVD Release: June 7, 2005
The Snow Walker


When Charlie Halliday, a maverick bush pilot and a sick, young, Inuit woman, Kanaalaq, crashes hundreds of miles from civilization, they are at the mercy of nature’s worst. While search parties try to find the downed plane Charlie decides to trek overland promising the woman he will return with help. Despite her weakened conditions, she follows Charlie and nurses him back to health when insects, cold and starvation threaten to kill him shortly after he leaves. Kanaalaq teaches him the skills he will need to survive and he comes to respect her wisdom and love her valiant spirit as they set out into the wilderness. Each will find a startling and solitary destiny in the beautiful and stark tundra. An adventure that will move and inspire you as it touches your heart.

Dove Review

This is truly and adventurous movie. Charlie, an expert pilot from the war, flies in to the tundra and pushes the envelope at times. This time he tries to help Eskimo girl get to the hospital but fate has a different route for the unlikely pair.

This is a truly heartwarming story of survival and discovery, but unfortunately Dove cannot award this film due to the content of offensive language.

Content Description

Sex: Unmarried couple in bed together.
Language: GD-3; J-1; S-8; SOB-4; H-5; A-3
Violence: Plane crash; man attacked by insects; hunting with gun and spear; skinning and cutting up game; scenes of war; young girl vomiting blood.
Drugs: Smoking; alcohol, bar scenes.
Nudity: Woman in shirt; young girl bathing in stream; man bathing in stream.
Other: Survival issues; dealing with death.


Company: First Look Studios
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 90 min.
Industry Rating: PG
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe