Were No Angels

Theatrical Release: July 7, 1955
DVD Release: September 27, 2005
Were No Angels


Humphrey Bogart, Aldo Ray and Peter Ustinov play three escaped inmates who hatch a plan to steal from a shopkeeper on Christmas. But their plans change when they find themselves actually growing to like their target and his family. Besides, the luckless merchant is apparently about to lose his shirt, as his business is unraveling. So, instead of robbing him, the convicts decide to help him, a mission that proves wildly complicated.

Dove Review

When you think of Humphrey Bogart, you don’t think of comedies. But he shines in this funny movie about three escaped convicts that fall in love with the family that were targeted to be robbed. The trio of Bogart, Ray and Ustinov are hilarious. Everyone in the family (except for younger children who may get bored) will laugh at the shenanigans that these three pull to help a merchant and his family. It truly is a classic that has been left behind.

This is a delightful Christmas comedy which includes some surprises. Dove awards our Dove “Family Approved” Seal to “We’re No Angels”.

Content Description

Sex: Couple kiss
Language: None
Violence: Man dies off screen; discussions regarding crimes.
Drugs: Drinking of wine; smoking cigars.
Nudity: Lady in undergarments of the time.
Other: None


Reviewer: Donna Rolfe
Source: Theater
Company: Paramount Home Entertainment
Director: Michael Curtiz
Producer: Pat Duggin
Genre: Classic
Runtime: 106 min.
Industry Rating: G