Dog Gone

DVD Release: October 7, 2008
Dog Gone


A notorious diamond thief and two dim-witted accomplices stop along the highway where 12 year old Owen sees them mistreating their dog. The boy intervenes to give the thristy dog a drink, but it escapes into the woods. He helps the angry thugs search for the animal deep into the forest, then ditches them. Owen finds the dog and they hide out in his secret fort, ingeniously fortified with booby traps and defense mechanisms to repel intruders. Bravely, his fort is built atop the ridge where the feared “Madman of the Mountain” is said to live.

Desperate to retrive their $5 million in stolen jewels stached on the dog, the thugs catch up with Owen, and a territic battle insues. Can one kid with a tricked-out fort protect an animal from three determined thieves? And is the legendary Madman of the Mountain real? Kids of all ages will delight in the fast-paced action and comedy this heart warming tale delivers.

Dove Review

When watching this hilarious comedy one thinks of the antics that were used in “Home Alone” for protection. Owen is an ingenious young man that has created a lot of good inventions. Recently he lost his dog and is now willing to do anything to protect this dog he calls “Diamond”. As Owen and Diamond try to foil the bumbling thieves, the audience will be rolling with laughter.

This movie does contain some slap-stick violence, shows boys bullying another boy, and how animals should be treated, which I believe are great topics for discussion with children. Dove is proud to award the Dove “Family- Approved” Seal to this movie. “Dog Gone” this is a good movie for the entire family.

Content Description

Sex: Girl and boy kiss.
Language: Butt-2
Violence: Slap-stick violence; group of boys bullying and fighting another boy; men treating a dog cruelly.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Dicussion regarding a dog that died,


Company: Screen Media
Director: Mark Stouffer
Producer: Mark Stouffer
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 108 min.
Industry Rating: PG
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe