Resident Evil: Extinction

Theatrical Release: September 21, 2007
Resident Evil: Extinction


Milla Jovovich is back as Alice and she’s running with a new pack of humans, leading a caravan that’s cutting through the Nevada desert on a long trek to Alaska. Hunted by the minions of the perpetually scheming Dr. Isaacs, Alice has zombies hungry for her flesh and lab rats hungry for her blood — while Alice herself is hungry for only one thing: revenge.

Dove Review

Lately, action flicks seem to be trying too hard to give themselves a loftier purpose such as some grand moral lesson underlying the gun battles and fight scenes. Viewers aren’t fooled though; we go see action movies for the action. Even though action movies almost always revolve around a good-versus-evil theme, half-hearted attempts to add substance to these types of films are becoming commonplace; they are also becoming annoying. “Resident Evil: Extinction” is a fun action movie that does not fall into this trap. Unlike two other films I reviewed recently, “War” and “Death Sentence,” “Resident Evil: Extinction” does not try to trump its zombie-fighting purpose with a higher moral one.

Milla Jovovich plays the action hero, and she is much more interesting to watch during a fight scene than most male action stars. In addition to her physical prowess, Jovovich brings a mixture of emotional vulnerability and murderous anger to her character; without her, “Resident Evil: Extinction” would make for tedious viewing. There is less profanity in this film than in most other action movies. However, this is an extremely violent film, and there is Biblical profanity; for these reasons “Resident Evil: Extinction” cannot be awarded the Dove Seal.

Content Description

Sex: Man and woman kiss briefly; man assaults woman and makes sexual references.
Language: S-3; B-5; A-2; D-6; H-5; JC-1; OG/OMG-3
Violence: People cut by lasers; woman shot; many bloody dead bodies; man stabbed; people attacked by zombie crows; people killed by vicious dogs; dog impaled on stake; people eaten by zombies; zombie shot with arrow; zombies run over; many zombies shot; zombie’s throat slashed; zombies slashed with machetes; man’s eyes ripped out; dead bodies impaled on spikes; man falls to his death.
Drugs: Woman asks for cigarettes; man smokes cigarette.
Nudity: Nude woman shown 2-3 times but with nothing visible.
Other: None


Company: Sony/Screen Gems
Director: Russell Mulcahy
Producer: Jeremy Bolt
Genre: Action
Runtime: 99 min.
Industry Rating: R
Reviewer: Samantha Vandersloot