Alpha Dog

Theatrical Release: January 12, 2007
Alpha Dog


Alpha Dog is the story of a young drug dealer named Johnny Truelove along with his friend Frankie who kidnap Zack Mazursky, the younger brother of a guy who has unpaid debts with Johnny and his crew. Though Zack is a mark, he forgets that he has been taken prisoner due to new friends, drinking and girls. Even though he has multiple opportunities to run, Zack remains under the custody of Johnny. Unfortunately, Zack does not know the fatal conclusion that awaits him.

Dove Review

The only thing worth mentioning about this film is that it was based on a true story. As we follow the events surrounding the abduction of a 15 year old boy and his introduction into the Southern California drug scene, we are quickly made aware that depravity exists in all its forms and is practiced freely by some of today’s youth. Kids drink, drug and party with no apparent responsibility or parental authority.

Unfortunately, this film will only appeal to those with the same dispensation as the characters in the story.

Content Description

Sex: Multiple scenes of men, women, boys and girls having indiscriminate sex.
Language: Every curse word imaginable in every form, context and situation. Every single character in the film uses obscene language multiple times.
Violence: Boys fight many times - some blood; boy shoots boy multiple times - no blood.
Drugs: Marijuana grown; many characters (some underage) smoke marijuana on-screen.
Nudity: Upper female nudity several times; rear male nudity.
Other: Extreme immoral behavior by young and old alike.


Company: Universal Pictures
Director: Nick Cassavetes
Producer: Sidney Kimmel
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 117 min.
Industry Rating: R
Reviewer: Scott Rolfe