The History Boys

Theatrical Release: December 22, 2006
The History Boys


‘The History Boys’ tells the story of an unruly class of bright, funny history students in pursuit of an undergraduate place at Oxford or Cambridge. Bounced between their maverick English master (Richard Griffiths), a young and shrewd teacher hired to up their test scores (Stephen Campbell Moore), a grossly out-numbered history teacher (Frances de la Tour) and a headmaster obsessed with results (Clive Merrison), the boys attempt to sift through it all to pass the daunting university admissions process. Their journey becomes as much about how education works, as it is about where education leads.

Dove Review

While the English may be better educated, this journey through summer school for a group of Oxford and Cambridge hopefuls made me glad I was made in the USA. In this play gone movie, the boys explore homosexuality, bi-sexuality and pedophilia – not the sort of subjects you would expect to learn next to poetry, literature and history.

This one falls far short of our approval and made me want to take a shower just to wash the filth from my mind shortly after its viewing.

Content Description

Sex: Boy/Girl make out with heavy petting; Male teacher gropes male students; Boy propositions male teacher.
Language: F-24; G-5; S-9; A-1; J/C-2; Slang for male/female genitalia-6
Violence: Man dies off screen
Drugs: Boys smoke; teacher smokes; boys drink champaign to celebrate.
Nudity: Upper male nudity
Other: Homosexuality and pedophilia openly discussed as positive choices.


Company: Fox Searchlight Pictures
Writer: Alan Bennett
Director: Nicholas Hytner
Producer: Nicholas Hytner
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 109 min.
Industry Rating: R
Reviewer: Scott Rolfe