The Capture Of Grizzly Adams (1982)

DVD Release: November 12, 2013
The Capture Of Grizzly Adams (1982)


After being wrongly accused of a crime, James “Grizzly” Adams (DAN HAGGERTY, in the TV role he made famous) found refuge in the wilderness and companionship in Ben, a grizzly bear he raised from a cub. Years later, when Adams learns his young daughter is in trouble, he returns to civilization and is captured by Frank Briggs (CHUCK CONNORS, The Rifleman), a corrupt man determined to see Adams pay for the crime. Set on clearing his name, Adams seeks support from townswoman Kate Brady (KIM DARBY, True Grit) and his old friend, Ben, to bring to justice those framing him. Loaded with action, adventure and heart, THE CAPTURE OF GRIZZLY ADAMS is all-American, Dove Family-Approved entertainment.

Dove Review

This family film showcases Grizzly Adams as a caring father and loyal friend. Grizzly Adams’s sister has died and he comes down from the mountains, along with his friend Ben the bear, to claim his daughter before she is sent to an orphanage.

He faces forest fires, tornadoes, and has to run for his life from a man who wants to kill him.

The themes of this delightful movie include loyalty, friendship, devotion to family and survival. We are more than pleased to award five Doves to this movie, our best rating, and recommend it for all ages. There are only a few tense scenes and parents should consult the content chart. It is a wholesome movie which should entertain the entire family.

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: A woman is called a Hellcat-1
Violence: Forest fire; exploding raft from TNT and man is thrown off; fighting including wrestling with a man; a man is shot in leg; woman holds gun on man; a knife fight over bridge and bad guy falls to his death.
Drugs: Smoking cigarettes.
Nudity: Shirtless man.
Other: A cat jumps in man's face but he is okay; a boy makes fun of a man but his father corrects him; men throw down a bear pelt in front of man and he thinks it's his bear.


Company: Paramount Home Entertainment
Director: Don Keeslar
Producer: James L. Conway
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 93 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter