Booples: Bible Verse Song Videos

DVD Release: April 1, 2006
Booples: Bible Verse Song Videos
Dove "Family-Approved"
For All Ages


Poodle and the other Booples seek wisdom from the Bible to deal with their issues and questions. They use songs with the Bible verses to apply the scripture to their lives. Each of the three episodes included in this DVD is approximately five minutes long and contains a Bible verse song. The catchy, fun songs help kids learn God’s message and a Bible verse.The DVD includes the music video portion of each episode as separate titles.

Dove Review

This is an enticing way to teach young children Bible verses along with a message from God that will help them in their every day lives. Pointing out a problem and showing kids how to find a verse in the Bible to apply to the situation is fantastic. The music will encourage them to learn the Bible verse and keep it in their minds. This cute animated video will be enjoyed and is a great teaching tool.

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: None


Reviewer: Donna Rolfe
Source: Video
Company: Booples
Writer: Bear Cahill
Director: Bear Cahill
Producer: Bear Cahill
Genre: Children
Runtime: 22 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Starring: Voices of Bear Cahill, Monica Cahill