Making a Star (Manuscript)

Dove "Family-Approved"
For Ages 12 and Over


A real estate agent named Dan falls for a high school girl named Rachel who has a great singing ability. He invests his own money to help her record a CD and then arranges a tour for her. They fight their mutual feelings for each other, but inevitably they must face them as Rachel dates a young man her own age who is no good for her.

Dove Review

This story does present a lot of believable obstacles that the main characters must overcome. Unless a very talented singer would be hired to portray Rachel, I see this as more of a television film or a vehicle for the Lifetime Channel. It would play well for a young audience, particularly for teens and young adults and anyone who enjoys a romantic story.

Notes for the author:
I would concentrate on reaching cable or network television studios for this project. I think the characters were pretty clearly defined. As I stated in the review, the actress who plays Rachel must be a very talented singer in order for this to work. Also, I would suggest going over the script again and fixing spelling mistakes, as there were several, or at least there were several typos. I think the strength of the script is how you keep the two leads apart until the end.

Content Description

Sex: Young man rapes girl but only his aggression in the beginning is written about.
Language: None
Violence: A rape (not shown).
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: None


Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter
Source: Manuscript
Company: Tadin Entertainment
Genre: Drama