Looking For Comedy In The Muslim World

Theatrical Release: January 20, 2006
Looking For Comedy In The Muslim World


To improve their relations with Muslim countries, The U.S. Government assigns comedian Albert Brooks to find out what makes the Muslim people laugh.

Dove Review

This movie does have a few good moments in the comedy arena, but unfortunately not quite enough, and the language knocks it outside of Dove’s approval arena. It doesn’t have a lot of foul language in it, but a couple of strong words which make it unfriendly toward families-not to mention the drug use in the film.

Albert Brooks (the voice of Nemo’s father) is hired by the U.S. government to travel to India and Pakistan to learn what makes the Muslims laugh. He goes with the intention of finding out what will work and what won’t-and he certainly learns that. One joke which draws a blank expression at one place, and some laughs with a smaller group is: “I’m looking forward to going to Kashmir. I haven’t visited my sweater in awhile.” There is a scene in which Brooks (playing himself) is invited to hit on a bong of hashish and, although reluctant at first, he gives in and admits seconds later he is very high. These unfriendly family moments are not plentiful, but are of the serious nature.

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: F-1, J-1, S-3, H-2, OMG-1
Violence: Brooks is coerced into smoking hashish, Pakistan and India begin a war.
Drugs: Smoking Hashish.
Nudity: None
Occult: None


Company: Warner Independent Pictures
Director: Albert Brooks
Producer: Steve Bing
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 98 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter