Land of the Dead

Theatrical Release: June 24, 2005
Land of the Dead


The fourth in a series of zombie movies created by George A. Romero, Land of the Dead will be voraciously received by those who hunger for this kind of horror/action movie. Through an unexplained circumstance, the dead in every city are coming back to life and reeking havoc on the living population. As people are bitten by the zombies, they become zombies. Business men and power brokers, like Mr. Kaufman (Dennis Hopper), have built fortified cities and offer protection for the elite. The rest are left to their own resourcefulness for survival. Riley (Simon Baker) and Cholo (John Leguizamo) are “soldiers for hire” who battle the zombies and offer protection to those willing to pay with food, clothing and medicine. The zombies have the capacity to adapt and, beyond feeding their fleshly desires, are determined to attain the level of power and control held by men like Mr. Kaufman.

Dove Review

I certainly hope that zombie movie production has struck a dead end. “Land of the Dead” was neither scary nor action-packed. A viewer can only get so much excitement out of watching zombie after zombie being killed—again. In fact, I spent more time laughing in this film than for some of the recent comedy releases. Watching zombies saunter about mindlessly, rigor mortis in full effect, can be quite humorous. Perhaps a fourth zombie movie was four too many.

There were only about five or six people shot or stabbed in this film; the rest were eaten by zombies. Most of the killing was at the “stenches” expense (Stench is the nickname for zombies in the film—one can only imagine why). I counted seventy-two obscene words/phrases, which only includes the English language. The zombies could have been cursing also, but I am not quite sure what “oooouuuuuugggghhhhh” translates to. This movie will be enjoyed by those who are true zombie fanatics (I had the pleasure of sharing the theater with three guys whose faces were painted up like zombies). To the rest of us, however, I would suggest a more lively film.

Content Description

Sex: Man tells another he must have "banged" a chick with more problems than himself. Man talks of getting women drunk to get laid. Man asks another when the last time he got laid. Women talks of being a hooker.
Language: 38 F, 10 S, 5 H, 3 A, 3 B, 4 G/GD, 1 J/JC, 2 OMG, 3 Bastard, 2 Christ, "Spick" used to describe person of latin descent.
Violence: Zombies killed throughout movie via decapitation, stabbing, shooting, burning and so on. Zombies shown eating bodies, lots of blood- everywhere.
Drugs: Man shown smoking cigarettes, alcohol consumed.
Nudity: Nude dancers shown briefly in "zombie nightclub", woman in bra getting dressed, woman showing cleavage.
Occult: None


Company: Universal Pictures
Genre: Action
Runtime: 93 min.
Industry Rating: R
Reviewer: Bradley B. Klinge