Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Theatrical Release: June 10, 2005
Mr. and Mrs. Smith


Over time, John Smith (Brad Pitt) and his wife, Jane (Angelina Jolie), have grown distant. Taking refuge in their work, they are in the habit of keeping secrets. Neither of them even knows what the other does for a living. While each thinks that the other has a commonplace job, they are both actually assassins. Worse still, they work for competing organizations so that, without knowing it, they are enemies living under the same roof. But all of that changes when John and Jane receive the same target and quickly identify each other as the enemy. Suddenly, their marital conflicts turn into something far more dangerous as each tries to protect his and her respective organization by killing the other. So with equally deadly skills, Mr. and Mrs. Smith find that, in more ways than one, they have finally met their perfect match.

Dove Review

“Mr. and Mrs. Smith” reminds me a lot of the 1985 film “Prizzi’s Honor” starring Jack Nicholson and Kathleen Turner. It’s the same M.O. but with a few different twists and updating. The tagline for “Prizzi’s Honor is “Hired killers by day. Devoted lovers by night. Until they found their next assignment was each other.” This could be the same tag line for “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” While the story line is very similar, the details and chemistry are not. You can really tell that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are attracted to each other. There is sexual tension throughout the entire film. This makes Mr. and Mrs. Smith much more believable than Prizzi’s Honor. You really feel that as a couple they love each other but work is getting in the way. It’s impossible for them to share details about their lives since they are living behind their secrets. What makes this film unbelievable is the over the top violence. They fight bigger than life battles against overwhelming odds without little more than cuts and scratches. In the attempt to showcase special effects and create excitement, Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity, Arrested Development) misses the mark of realism and it comes across as just plain silly.

Content Description

Sex: Couple has pre-marrital sex. Couple has sex as man and wife. Woman dresses up like high class prostitute, handcuffs her "john", and whips him while saying he's bad.
Language: J-5; J.C. - 1; d_mn-1; _ss-4; b_tch-4; G_d-3; f_ck-1; sh_t-1; p_ssy-1
Violence: men box in a boxing ring; manny bombs explode, car chase with many wrecks, lots of shootings with people being killed; Man kicked in groin; Man hit with a phone in the face; blood shown on faces and some body parts; man and woman fight and beat each other up and then have rough sex;
Drugs: people drink in several bar seens; woman drinks entire bottle of booze;
Nudity: woman shown in bra several times; woman shown in black leather outfit, then takes it off and is shown in bra and panties; woman naked in bed, wrapped in bedsheets; see through blouse reveals breasts.
Occult: none


Company: 20th Century Fox
Director: Doug Liman
Genre: Action
Runtime: 115 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Reviewer: Dave Lukens