Baby Prodigy

Theatrical Release: February 26, 2003
DVD Release: February 26, 2003
Baby Prodigy


Besides the innovative research behind each of the teaching lessons, the classical music found in this video was specially orchestrated for babies and toddlers. Each of the selections was carefully chosen to not only entertain, but also to engage your child, time and time again. Your little one will journey with Dookie Duck, a lovable and funny duck puppet, on his exploration of visually stimulating experiences, motion, bright colors and entertaining sounds. The humor found in this video was designed to be appreciated by children and adults of all ages. The video applies a multi-sensory approach, balancing fun and learning to captivate and dazzle your child. Your little one will be introduced to premium child-friendly classical music, as well as core ideas and concepts such as spacial relationships, reasoning and cause and effect. Those principles are then reinforced through funny puppet scenes. Your child will be spellbound!

Dove Review

The concept of this video is to give babies and toddlers (0 – 4 years old) key visual and auditory stimuli so they will develop into happy and smart kids. Research shows that the first 30 months of life is the period where a child’s brain undergoes its most critical stage of development. This is why the movement, colors, music and cute puppets are a necessary ingredient in your child’s development.

Indeed, this video is filled with exciting movement, colors and wonderful music that any baby or toddler will be thrilled to view. It is all presented in a fun-filled fashion so that babies and toddlers will be captivated. The video covers many concepts like small/big; full/empty; many/few; float/sink; and items like buttons, snaps, and zippers. I think this video will assist parents in helping their child grow and develop while providing fun and interesting stimuli for them as well.

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: Baby Prodigy Company
Genre: Children
Runtime: 30 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Starring: Dookie Duck
Reviewer: Dave Lukens