We Sign Babies and Toddlers

Theatrical Release: November 18, 2002
DVD Release: November 18, 2002
We Sign Babies and Toddlers


“We Sign Babies and Toddlers” offers parents, siblings, family members, teachers and caregivers two great videos for using American Sign Language (ASL) with young children. The first tape is an introduction which includes basic “how to” information, as well as over 30 of the most commonly used words. The second tape provides over 200 words for increased signing vocabulary.

Research shows that infants are capable of signing words much earlier than they are able to speak. By introducing your child to sign language, you are providing them with a proven communication skill that also facilitates parent/child communication. Signing with toddlers is a great way to spend time together and one that will bring a wealth of benefits. Experts agree that signing is a language-rich activity that can significantly increase spoken vocabulary, improve reading readiness, and enhance motor and memory skills, as well as provide a substantial head start on education with a genuine enthusiasm for learning. Imagine your baby having the ability to tell you what he/she wants and needs by their first birthday or even sooner.

Dove Review

Annie Lee Jones takes us through the world of signing to infants and toddlers. She shows that this interesting and effective language can be taught to and learned by infants and toddlers, giving them the necessary tools to communicate before their verbal skills have developed. Throughout this video you hear testimonials from parents that have taught American Sign Language (ASL) to their infants with great success. You also hear from Barbara Granoff, MSW, an early communications specialist, that starting the process of 2-way communication at an early age is a wonderful way to not only understand what your child wants and needs at an earlier age, but also to help your child generate other learning skills. Skills like reading, memory, and the desire to learn.

Tape one takes the viewer through an introduction and then teaches over 30 commonly used words like ‘drink;’ ‘milk;’ ‘cookies;’ ‘mommy;’ ‘daddy;’ ‘hot;’ ‘cold;’ ‘love;’ ‘hurt;’ ‘help’ and ‘book’ to name a few. Tape two gives the viewer over 200 words to add to their signing vocabulary. Every parent with infants and toddlers that wants to know what their child is thinking at an earlier age needs to have this video. It will be fun and exciting for the entire family.

Content Description

Sex: None
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Company: Production Associates, Inc.
Writer: Annie Lee Jones and Ken Frawley
Director: Michael Cash
Genre: Language
Runtime: 60 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Starring: Annie Lee Jones
Reviewer: Dave Lukens