The Kings Guard

Theatrical Release: August 1, 2000
DVD Release: August 28, 2001
The Kings Guard


Fleeing from an attach on the Castle, Princess Gwendolyn (Ashley jones) takes refuge in a ruin with her lady-in-waiting (Khrystyn Haje) and seven of her father’s elite King’s Guard. They royal party have managed to escape with the Princess’ dowry; a treasure chest filled with gold. Finding themselves surrounded by fifty bandits, lead by the evil Lord Morton (Ron Perlman), the group discover that the notorious traitor Augustus Talbert (Eric Roberts) is fighting with the bandits. Talbert had been the commander of The King’s Guard and has systeriously betrayed the King. Now, despised and feared throughout th ekingdom, Talbert’s motives are unclear: everyone thinks he is after the gold, except for Princess Gwendolyn.

Dove Review

This film was fun to watch because it was filled with sword fighting and whimsical content. It reminded me in part of Princess Bride, but not quite as funny. There is a pretty funny scene where one of the King’s Guard is negotiating with one of the bandits. This is a light hearted adventure that Dove could have approved if it wasn’t for the two profanities included in this film.

Content Description

Language- This film could have been approved if it wasn't for two strong profanities. (Go to hell and curse that man to hell).Violence- several times: Sword fighting with people getting run through, bandits shot, kick to groin. Although there is no graphic blood.Nudity- None.Sexual Content - Passionate kiss.Drugs - None.Occult - None.


Company: Avalanche Home Entertainment
Director: Jonathan Tydor
Producer: Eileen Craft
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 92 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Starring: Ron Perlman, Eric Roberts, Matthias Hues, Lesley-Anne Down, Ashley Jones and Khrystyn Haje
Reviewer: Dave Lukens