Scooby Doo

Theatrical Release: June 14, 2002
Scooby Doo


Hanna-Barbera’s beloved mystery solving cartoon Great Dane, Scooby-Doo, leaps onto the big screen this live action adventure. Scooby and his human friends, Fred (Freddie Prinz, Jr.), Daphne (Sarah Michelle Gellar), Shaggy (Matthew Lillard), and Velma (Linda Cardellini), once close friends, become disenchanted with each other and the monotonous same-old, same-old mysteries. Two years pass and the splintered team reconnects after each is individually invited to Spooky Island, a “haunted” amusement park on a remote island. They soon realize they are captives of an evil force and must reunite to meet their biggest mystery-solving challenge.

Dove Review

Young children will be more forgiving than their parents about the unrealistic computer-generated Scooby, corny monsters and silly plot. While the cartoon show usually revealed the monsters and ghosts to be human tricks, SCOOBY-DOO’s non-stop, cartoonish action goes way beyond the TV show’s haunted buildings and mildly scary situations. The dark, sinister Spooky Island creates an image of supernatural forces much too frightening for very young children. Characters are possessed by demons, and protoplasm images of disembodied heads emerge from a whirlpool. Teenage girls in form-fitting outfits that emphasize their cleavage, a lengthy segment of Shaggy and Scooby using flatulence to entertain, subtle references to marijuana smoking and guests transformed by drugs into a zombie-like state make SCOOBY-DOO a summer nightmare for parents hoping for wholesome entertainment.

Content Description


Reviewer: Movie Morality Ministries - Mary Draughon
Source: Theater
Company: Warner Brothers
Genre: Children
Runtime: 90 min.
Industry Rating: PG