Wicked Spring

Theatrical Release: January 16, 2002
DVD Release: January 16, 2002
Wicked Spring


The story unfolds over a single, horrifying night…six soldiers lost in the wicked, burning woods during the 1864 Battle of the Wilderness. In the moonlight, they do not realize they are enemies until the next morning when the sun rises and exposes their dangerous mistake.

Wicked Spring strips away the facade of grand battles and kingly generals to reveal the struggles and strengths of the common Civil War soldier. This picture is the perfect blend of Hollywood cinema and strong independent film allegory. No one has seen an idependent epic guite like this.

Dove Review

The opening elements of this film reminded me a lot of a Ken Burns type documentary on the Civil War. There was the fabulous music of the era playing while pictures flashed across the screen of the life and times of the early 1860’s. The opening battle scene is intense and in some cases the graphic violence of this war is shown on screen. Through the rest of the film, the plight of the common Civil War soldier is shown in dramatic fashion. The life of the common soldier in those times was not easy. Fires needed to be started at night, wounded attented to, meals prepared and eaten, clothes changed, letters written and read and pipes smoked. Will the friendships the six men who found each other in the dark of night survive the night? The life and times were presented well in this epic Civil War film, but the foul language, laced with profanity and the early graphic violence in the battle scene keep us from being able to approve this film.

Content Description

Obscene Language: Several (16) times - H-word 7, A-word 2, and D-word 7Profanity: A few - For G sake, (GD 2, J 2)Violence: Several times - a lot of bloodshed in the battle scenes, one stabbing with a bayonet


Company: LionHeart FilmWorks, LLC
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 96 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Starring: Brian Merrick, DJ Perry, Terry Jernigan, Aaron Jackson, Curtis Hall and Mark Lacy
Reviewer: Dave Lukens