Death Of A Salesman

Network Premier: January 12, 2000
Death Of A Salesman


Taped live at The Eugene O’Neill Theater in New York City, Showtime presents Arthur Miller’s story of Willy Loman (Brian Dennehy), a traveling salesman, and his family’s struggle with the elusive chase to catch the American dream.

Willy’s devoted wife (Elizabeth Franz) helplessly watches as her husband declines into self-despair. Sons Biff (Ron Eldard) and Happy (Ted Koch) reminisce about high school escapades, commiserate about their unfulfilled ambitions, and contemplate an uncertain future.

Willy has always believed in his boys’ natural talents, and his spirits are buoyed by the sudden prospect that one or both sons might yet achieve the kind of professional success that has eluded him. Then, perhaps, Willy can retire with dignity and rest. But old wounds have been reopened by Biff’s unexpected homecoming, and when Biff confronts the family’s history of lies and deceit, neither his brother’s nor mother’s attempts at reconciliation can prevent the devastating consequences.

First aired on Showtime 1/12/00.

Dove Review

Content Description

Profanity scattered throughout; implied adultery; one sexual scene where married Willy gropes a woman in his motel room; constant arguments among this dysfunctional family.


Source: Network
Company: Showtime Networks, Inc.
Director: Kirk Browning
Producer: Marc Bauman
Genre: Unknown
Runtime: 175 min.
Industry Rating: TV-14
Starring: Brian Dennehy, Elizabeth Franz, Ron Eldard, Ted Koch and Howard Witt.