Stolen Path

DVD Release: April 4, 2017
Stolen Path
Dove "Family-Approved"
For Ages 12 and Over


“Stolen Path” is set amidst the idyllic landscape of the Croatian countryside in the early twentieth century. Based on a true story, it follows Victoria as she matures from a spoiled privileged young girl to a woman who follows her heart. As she chooses her future, her life shatters in a tragic and unexpected way.

Dove Review

“Stolen Path” is a romantic love story about what the heart wants no matter what. When true love finds Victoria, it puts her on a new path toward a completely different lifestyle than the one she was brought up in. No one can change her mind even if it means she will lose the ones close to her.

This is a compelling story that shows how love can bring happiness to anyone, no matter the difference in two people’s backgrounds. We award this heartwarming love story our Dove Family-Approved Seal for ages 12-plus.

Content Description

Sex: Many scenes where a couple kiss; newlywed couple seen in bed.
Violence: Woman hits man on face with riding whip; blood on man's face; man threatens another; man is shot off-scene; blood seen on woman's hand from man as he dies.
Drugs: People seen drinking what looks to be alcoholic beverage.
Nudity: Shirtless man.
Other: Rudeness towards others; division between classes of people; being disowned because of who you marry.


Reviewer: Donna Rolfe
Source: Video
Company: JaxDistribution
Director: John Banovich
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 97 min.
Industry Rating: G