A band of street kids turn a Hollywood filmmaker’s world upside down. Laugh, cheer, & be inspired by this faith-based drama.

Dove Review

With its theme of loving helpless kids and the richness of the characters, “Fourth World” offers up a mesmerizing viewing experience about a documentary filmmaker who interviews and chronicles poor street kids to learn what their lives are like. Along the way, he is captivated by a young girl named Rubelyn, called Rubie, who captures his heart. Her father dies after being shot by a drug dealer and after trading her for drugs. This young, bright girl has no one until Hudson, the filmmaker, and his wife Elena determine they can give Rubie a better life.

The movie does a good job showing the hardship of the lives of these children and the violence and drug dealing on the streets. It features several adopted kids at the end and encourages adoption. Due to the violence and drug use, we are awarding this film our Faith-Based Seal, meaning it contains some objectionable content but contains a strong faith message. “Fourth World” shows kids being loved with first-class treatment by some, and it urges more people to step up to do the same.

Content Description

Sex: A young girl is traded for drugs but nothing sexual is seen.
Language: Stupid Americano-1; shut up-1
Violence: Police are seen with guns; shooting; a man is shot and killed by drug dealer; blood seen on man's hands; a girl smashes a mirror in frustration, resulting in a bloody bandage; blood is seen on her hand, in the sink, and on the mirror; a girl is seen strapped down to a bed; a girl holds a knife on a man; cockfighting; a man is struck with a broom; a boy is shot and blood is seen on his mouth; a man is bumped by a car; a cop is hit with a lead pipe, he is shot, and he dies; blood is seen on him and his face.
Drugs: Smoking; a flame is seen heating up drugs, shown as white inside a small baggie; a father trades his daughter for drugs; a man is seen with drugs; smoking and drinking in some scenes.
Nudity: A shirtless man and a shirtless boy.
Other: There are babies and young children seen without parents; a girl grieves over the death of her father; a man blows his nose with his hand; kids steal a puppy from a rich man's home; kids steal food; a boy is seen vomiting; a boy is taken by ambulance for treatment; rats are shown and a girl says the rats have been eaten; a girl is kidnapped and driven away in a truck but she is recovered; several men seen with tattoos; little girls kept in holding cell.


Reviewer: Edwin L Carpenter
Source: Video
Company: Bring Me Hope
Director: David Bolt
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 84 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated