Adam’s Testament

Adam’s Testament


Adam, a young musician, had the perfect life, until one day everything changed. His father, detective Joseph Gable, continues on a relentless path to save Adam’s soul, as angels and demons are disguised as humans. This ancient spiritual war between good and evil will test their faith as a dark stranger descends on modern-day Toronto.

Dove Review

“Adam’s Testament” features Lucifer and his demons fighting for Adam’s soul but with modern characters in a contemporary setting. Adam is a young man who once served the Lord but becomes bitter after the death of his mother. He is bitter toward God, and his father, still a good Christian man, attempts to redeem him.

Although the story is told in a captivating way, it includes some very scary images of men who are really demons, and their fiendish eyes turn red and black. They make strong anti-Christian statements, as well. The imagery truly demonstrates a battlefield in today’s world. In a neat scene, as a man is driving away from a cemetery on his motorcycle, the angelic statues atop the headstones and graves change into real angels. Due to scary images and strong content in the “other” category, we are awarding this movie our “Faith-Based” Seal, meaning it has strong content but contains a strong faith message. “Adam’s Testament” is unlike any other movie you have seen.

Content Description

Sex: Woman nuzzles side of man's face; implied sex between man and woman, but man repents for it.
Language: G/OMG-5; H-2; Cop called "Pig"-1; D-3; "Son of a..."(not finished); Shut your mouth-1; Idiot-1; Low life-1; Devil calls God a "puppet master."
Violence: Woman pulls a knife on police officer, and he takes it away from her; police officer grabs bad guy by the hair in a bar and punches him in the nose; officer grabs girlfriend and threatens her; girl is pushed to the ground; bad cop hits man across the face.
Drugs: Drinking in several scenes, including bar scenes; smoking cigarettes.
Nudity: Shirtless men in several scenes; men in shorts; bare shoulders of woman sleeping; bare midriffs.
Other: A bar has a "fetish" night, but nothing specific is shown; tattoos on several characters; very scary images, as characters represent the devil and his demons trying to capture Adam's soul; several scenes of demons that look like men, and they have red glowing eyes and black eyes, whereas good angels have white eyes; demons try to entice people to sin, and they bad-mouth God; tension between characters; an adult son tells his Christian father he is tired of his pathetic code of ethics and God's perfect little Christians, and father tells him to shut his mouth and quit mocking God's Word; man says God's book is a lie, and father grabs son, who then runs away; character of Lucifer wants man to bow to him, but the man quotes Scripture at him, and he backs off; character has nose pierced; death and grief; comment that the EMT allowed man to send his wife's killer to his death by sending the man, in an ambulance, over a cliff and the ambulance is said to have burst into flames; man dies and becomes an angel.


Company: Breakthrough Entertainment
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 82 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Starring: Philip Moran, Luke Bilyk, Nick Mancuso, Zoe De Grand Maison
Reviewer: Edwin L Carpenter