Operation Dumbo Drop

Theatrical Release: December 31, 1995
DVD Release: December 31, 1995
Operation Dumbo Drop


Inspired by a true story, OPERATION DUMBO DROP tells about the hilarious adventures of five American military men whose job is to deliver a 4 ton elephant to a native mountain village during the Viet Nam war. Capt. Sam Cahill (Danny Glover) has been assigned to the village to spy on a strategic enemy supply trail.But he is in trouble because the Viet Cong have killed the only elephant the village owns because they are harboring Cahill. So Sam and his new replacement, Capt. Doyle (Ray Liotta), are ordered to bring in a new elephant for the village. This takes them and their helpers through 200 miles of jungle and other rough terrain, using all sorts of make shift transportation. And they all end up parachuting out of a plane over the native village, including the elephant. During their comical and often dangerous escapades, the men grow close to each other as well as to a Vietnamese boy (Dinh Thien Le) who goes along with them. OPERATION DUMBO DROP is a funny, action packed adventure which will appeal not only to youngsters, but to mom and dad as well.

Dove Review

Disney Pictures seems to have made a special effort to avoid offensive elements in this film, probably because children from about 5 years of age and older will be its principal audience. The film has several rough words and one moderate obscenity, but no sexual content, nudity or sexually suggestive dialogue. A bit of crude humor is introduced when Capt Doyle must insert a suppository into the elephant’s rear, but this is brief and not actually shown. Also, some humor is developed around falling in elephant dung and the elephant vomits once. With all the action in the film comes some moderately intense hand fighting, shooting skirmishes and property destruction. None of the men want to be on this assignment, but develop a strong camaraderie and friendship over time, and all come to love and care for Linh who has lost his parents in the war. OPERATION DUMBO DROP uniquely presents a positive, light-hearted incident from the Viet Nam war, and is fine entertainment for the whole family.

Content Description

Crude Language: Few (8) times - Mild 5, Moderate 3Obscene Language: Once (no s- or f-words)Profanity: Exclamatory only - 5 timesViolence: Several times - Moderate (fist fighting, striking, gang fights, rough treatment, boat blown up, man shot, missile and gun threats, property destruction)Sexual Intercourse: NoneNudity: NoneHomosexual Conduct: NoneSexually Suggestive Action/Dialog:NoneDrug Abuse: Few times (men drink rice wine and whiskey)Other: Soldier puts suppository in elephant's rectum; man falls in elephant dung, elephant vomits; boy tells legend about elephant being father of God; soldiers show affection for boy


Company: Buena Vista Home Video
Genre: Comedy
Industry Rating: PG
Reviewer: Movie Morality Ministries - John Evans