DVD Release: March 25, 2011


A genre-busting Western where there is no law, no good guys; only the bad and the worse. Frank Hardin is no stranger to the unlawful West; he is a killer. However, because of a tragic event, he must battle his own worst enemy.

Dove Review

“Redemption” just needs the first three letters of the word “redemption” for its title: Red. This name is appropriate because there is a whole lot of blood shed in this movie, about as much as I have ever seen in a film. People are shot with blood splattering and spurting, several people are shot in the head with holes clearly shown, and a pool of blood forms under one man’s head. The plot revolves around a man named Frank Hardin. He joined some men in robbing a Mexican family, which was all Frank planned on. But the men killed the entire family except for a young woman who was turned into a prostitute. Frank seeks to set her free.

Unfortunately, Frank’s quest is the only redeeming quality in the entire film. It is filled with strong language and several utterances of the “F” word, in addition to “GD” and “J” and just about every other profanity you can imagine. It also features full frontal female nudity, in addition to a few scenes of men and women having sex with very little left to the imagination. It also features a minister who rides off with his guns, ready to be the arm of God’s vengeance. This one is not even close to being family friendly. It is bloody and should be avoided.

Content Description

Sex: Several cases of sex outside of marriage with a man and woman shown, and the woman shown having sex from behind and the woman's thigh is seen; other scenes of sex and kissing; reference to prostitutes.
Language: GD, J, F, slang for female genitalia and constant profanities throughout the movie.
Violence: Lots of bloody violence with shootings; bullet holes in head seen; pool of blood under man's head; blood splatters on walls and seen spurting; man's flesh wound is very bloody and gross; a lot of people die; man is cut with a knife; fist fights and punching and fighting.
Drugs: Lots of scenes of drinking; pipe smoking and cigar and cigarette smoking.
Nudity: Woman seen nude from front; breasts exposed in a few scenes; woman's thigh seen as she and man have sex; strong cleavage; shirtless men.
Other: A reverend goes after men to kill them; betrayal and lying; death and grief; dissension and tension between characters.


Company: Cinedigm
Director: Robert Conway
Genre: Western
Runtime: 90 min.
Industry Rating: R
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter