My Dog the Space Traveler

DVD Release: February 21, 2013
My Dog the Space Traveler


A young boy loses his dog to a mysterious black hole in his backyard, a portal which leads to another dimension of our universe. He must rely on his friends and dysfunctional family to get the dog back and close the portal before it creates a rift that might destroy both universes.

Dove Review

After watching “My Dog the Space Traveler” for a time, I thought, “This sure is a dysfunctional family.” But there is a definite pay-off and the filmmakers demonstrate by the end of the picture that love is the most powerful force on Earth. Until then, we see a dad who is out of work, drinks a lot and yells at his son; a daughter yelling at her mother and even calling her a name behind her back; the mother and dad fighting constantly and the mother taking to her bed to sleep all day. At the same time, little promising signs occur including a scene in which dad Vernon makes a meal for his wife Pearl, the first time he has ever done so. Also, during the course of the film Dad reminds Mom that her son needs her love, and she does the same to him in another scene.

The movie features humor as well. For example, in a scene in which Vernon and Pearl are talking outside at night and they realize that their son, Robbi (Logan Borsari), is eavesdropping, Vernon says he thinks it’s time to send Robbi to a boot camp. Mom and Dad chuckle about that one, but Robbi doesn’t find it amusing.

We are awarding our Dove Seal to the movie for ages 12+. We strongly urge parents to consult the content listing for language and other elements. For those who watch the film from beginning to end, they will see a changed family by the conclusion. Plus, the story has to do with a porthole into space, something a lot of viewers will find fascinating.

Content Description

Sex: Husband and wife kiss passionately as she is dressed in lingerie and they plan to make love but are interrupted; married man flirts with a couple of women but later he changes and is devoted to his wife.
Language: G/OMG-4; Oh Lord-1; H-8; D-3; Frickin-3; A-1; Geez-2; Bull-1; Shut up-1; Idiot-1; Little Liar-1; Punk-3; Poops on you-3; Boy says his sister is a "B" (letter, not the word) and girl says her mother is a "B" (letter not the word) but they get past it and declare their love for each other later on.
Violence: Woman slaps her husband; it is not shown but a fight takes place and a man ends up with a bandage on his nose and a black eye; man tells boy he is sorry but he hit the boy's cat and killed it with his truck and some blood and hair is seen on the front bumper; man throws beer bottles at a squirrel (but misses) and he hits his truck with one; bullies pick on boy a few times and punch him and throw him in a dumpster; boy's sister uses martial arts on bullies, kicks them and knocks them down.
Drugs: Drinking in several scenes and the father is drunk a few times including a scene in which he is passed out in his truck at the tavern; dad says he was "buzzed" a few nights earlier when he was beat in a fight; beer bottle in various scenes; woman taking sleeping medication and sleeps a lot due to depression; she takes the medicine during the day one time and her family shows concern.
Nudity: Cleavage; woman wearing lingerie shows thigh and cleavage; girl in swimsuit; shirtless boys; woman in shorts.
Other: Dysfunctional family is portrayed for a good part of the movie, including characters showing disrespect, but there is pay-off in the end when the family stands together; tension between characters; daughter tells mother she plans to get a tattoo across her bosom.


Company: Cinedigm
Director: Robin Christian
Producer: Robin Christian
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 87 min.
Industry Rating: PG
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter