Snow White

DVD Release: April 27, 1995
Snow White


Enjoy the enchanting fairy tale that’s “the fairest of them all” in this animated treasure packed with magical surprises and spellbinding suspense, a dwarf-filled delight for children and parents alike. The loveliest girl in all the land, Snow White is hated by her wicked and vain stepmother, The Queen, who will stop at nothing to destroy her. But seven funny little dwarfs become Snow White’s happy new family. The power of true love stops the Queen’s horrible magic, while Snow White’s kindness and gentle heart prevail over evil and jealousy in this spirited version of one of the best-loved fairy tales of all time.

Dove Review

The story of Snow White comes to life once again in a charming retelling of this enchanting fairy tale. Magical suspense, seven dwarfs, a wicked step-mother, a beautiful princess and a handsome prince looking for his true love will delight viewers both young and old.

The breathtakingly beautiful Snow White is hated by her vain stepmother, the Queen of all the land. Snow White flees for her life into the woods when the Queen’s dastardly plan to kill her is discovered. As she flees from the palace, she discovers an inviting but empty cottage with seven very small beds where she decides to rest. When the little men with unique names return home, they invite her to stay in safety with them. Their hopes for a happily-ever-after are threatened when they find Snow White remains in grave danger. The Queen stops at nothing to find Snow White, and soon her life is threatened again.

The timeless story of Snow White unfolds with the seven dwarfs trying to protect their friend but finding themselves no match for the Queen’s wretched plans. She uses her powerful magic for evil as she plots to kill Snow White. The dwarfs are faithful friends and Snow White’s true love, the prince, searches without rest until he finds the one he cares for. Families with children of all ages will enjoy this film and we are pleased to approve it for viewers of all ages.

Content Description

Sex: Kiss-1.
Language: “Curse that evil huntsman”-1; “I swear”-3.
Violence: Knife raised to kill; choking with a string; throwing items to break mirrors; attempted poisoning.
Drugs: Poison.
Nudity: None
Other: Several references to an evil curse.


Company: Cinedigm
Genre: Animated
Runtime: 46 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Nancy Bowens