The Color of Magic

DVD Release: July 14, 2009
The Color of Magic


Some wizards are born heroes; others must fight for greatness, like failed sorcerer Rincewind. When a visitor to the Discworld enlists him as a guide, Rincewind learns that only he can take on the dark wizard Trymon and restore balance to the troubled land.

Dove Review

Wizards, dragons, different worlds, demons and even the Grim Reaper are involved in this hilarious movie about magic. It is so comical that everyone quickly knows this story is pure fantasy and imagination. When the awkward wizard Rincewind becomes guide to an odd tourist who travels with a walking trunk of gold, little do they know what is in store for them.

Enjoy the adventures of these two zany characters as they fight fire-breathing dragons, get chased by a giant troll, ride the river to the edge of the Discworld, and save that world with the birth of new planets in their galaxy.This is a comical tale that one’s imagination will surely understand and love.

We award this film with the Dove Family Approved Seal for 12+ due to some harder content.

Content Description

Sex: A few sexual innuendos but nothing explicit.
Language: H-2; D-1; A "Dear God"-1.
Violence: Sword fights; wizard stabs another; woman slapped in fight; man pushes another over wall; arrow shot into magic mirror,
Drugs: Potion is drunk to bring man from the partial dead.
Nudity: Woman in very skimpy outfit like a leather swimsuit; shirtless men.
Other: Fantasy wizardry; telling lies; comments regarding the difference between man and woman who are getting married; scenes with the Grim Reaper.


Company: Cinedigm
Director: Vadim Jean
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 197 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe