After All These Years

DVD Release: September 17, 2013
After All These Years


A loyal housewife races to prove she didn’t kill her husband in this mystery starring Wendie Malick and Andrea Martin. On her 25th wedding anniversary, Audrey (Malick) gets the shock of her life when her husband requests a divorce. Heartbroken, she awakens to find that her husband has been murdered. Now, Audrey is the prime suspect in the police investigation. With detectives threatening to take her into custody, Audrey must track down her late husband’s killer in time to attend the funeral, and pay her final respects.

Dove Review

Audrey—the classy, smart and beautiful wife of a successful executive—is stunned when, following their elegant 25th anniversary party surrounded by many of their best friends, her husband announces he wants out of the marriage and professes his love for another woman. When it seems her life cannot get any messier, Audrey awakens to find her husband dead in the kitchen with a knife sticking in his back. The authorities are convinced she is prime suspect number one. Aghast, she soon realizes is it up to her alone to uncover the truth.

She sets herself up as her own private investigator with one plan in mind: Clear her name, find the real killer, regain her integrity and get her life back! She slips from under the watchful eye of the police and sets out on her own with an assortment of wigs, coats and bags to hide her identity. She begins to trace her husband’s final days hoping to uncover the clue she needs to bring the killer to justice. Her wacky adventures endear this courageous, if not skillful, private eye to all who cross her path.

We see Audrey as determined, fearless and ingenious in her quest for justice. Throughout the film, several of her friends show themselves as willing to stand with her in her crisis. The storyline is charming and engaging. However, there are frequent scenes showcasing alcohol consumption, along with numerous instances of inappropriate language and sexual innuendos. Hallmark is known for creating family-friendly films and “After All These Years” has much to like. Unfortunately, this story misses the mark on several fronts. We recommend parents look elsewhere for quality family entertainment; we are not able to give the Dove Seal to this film

Content Description

Sex: Several sexual innuendos; sensual behavior-1; Kiss-2.
Language: OMG- 3; God-1; What the H-2; Stupid-1.
Violence: Murder; stabbing; falling; guns (no blood).
Drugs: Frequent scenes showcasing alcohol consumption-10 (no drunkenness).
Nudity: None
Other: Unfaithful spousal behavior; drinking is seen as an answer to problems; two references to swearing on a stack of Bibles.


Company: Cinedigm
Writer: Jon Maas
Director: Scott Smith
Producer: Harvey Kahn
Genre: Mystery
Runtime: 87 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Nancy Bowens