Life Inside Out

DVD Release: April 21, 2015
Life Inside Out


When a mother returns to her musical roots, she rediscovers the passion of her youth and finds a way to connect with her troubled youngest son.

Dove Review

This movie does a wonderful job looking at relationships from the inside out. It clearly demonstrates that outward appearances do not tell the entire story. Laura Shaw (played wonderfully by Maggie Baird) is a middle-aged woman, wife and mother of three sons who attends her sister’s scrapbook meetings to support her, but inwardly misses writing songs, playing the guitar, and singing. Laura’s son Shane (played excellently by Finneas O’Connell) seems to be a rebel, not enjoying fishing with his dad and fighting to avoid a trip with his dad and two brothers. It soon becomes obvious that Shane has a creative side, like his mother, which has been stymied.

Mother and son learn they have more in common than they realize when Mom begins performing again. She is rusty at first, but keeps at it and not only improves but begins writing songs again. Shane is soon playing her guitar and writing songs as well. One wonderful scene has them doing a song together, with Mom playing the piano and Shane playing the guitar as they both sing. On the big night when a producer shows up to hear the local talent, Mom suddenly develops a migraine headache and Shane goes on in her place. He surprises a lot of people including his grandfather, dad, brothers, and a girl named Lucy who he likes. Afterward, Shane lets Mom know that he doesn’t believe she really came down with a headache.

This is a remarkable story with wonderful music. We are pleased to present “Life Inside Out” our Dove Family-Approved Seal for ages 12+. It does a terrific job showing that we need to use our God-given talents. And that sometimes some pretty neat things are passed down from parents to children. This one is getting five Doves!

Content Description

Sex: Husband and wife kiss.
Language: G/OMG-8; Good Lord-1; H-4; D-4; PO-2; A-1; Fools-1; Shut up-2; Sucks-3; Loser-1; Loser (joke to brother)-1; Freaking-4.
Violence: Son upset with his mother, gives her a shove and she falls but he is sorry; brother smacks brother in head a few times; father lightly smacks son on back of head; teen throws ball at the back of another teen.
Drugs: Drinking in several scenes including beer at a bar; a few women appear to be drunk in a bar; smoking in a few scenes; song about a DUI; champagne is mentioned in a song.
Nudity: Cleavage; teen boy shows his underwear.
Other: Tension between characters including husband and wife, father and son, and two sisters; kid goes into tattoo parlor with his mother; mom kids her son about getting her tongue pierced.


Company: Monarch Home Entertainment
Director: Jill D'Agnenica
Producer: Tessa Bell
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 102 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter