Long-Distance Princess

DVD Release: August 28, 2014
Long-Distance Princess


Lisa, a high school sophomore, has been hiding her hopeless crush on Todd, the irresistibly likable junior in her art class. Her life starts to unravel when he asks her to help him get to know the beautiful Ellie, her longtime friend living in England. All the while Cindy, Todd’s ruthless ex, resorts to sinister schemes to stop Lisa and Ellie, so she can win him back, and Todd’s image-conscious friends try to discourage him from befriending the ordinary-looking Lisa.

Dove Review

Teenagers in school today have many things that bother them, like who likes who, dating, social media, and doing the right thing. “Long-distance Princess” is a charming movie about a young girl that wants to get noticed by one of the football players at her school that is also in her art class. She thinks that because she is ordinary looking he will never give her a chance so by using social media she gets his attention by pretending she is someone else.

Life in school is not easy for any kid whether it is today or what kids faced in the past. Often friendships are made by the way one looks, how one is dressed, the location one lives or the activities one might be in. Little do most teenagers really get to know one another if they are not in their group. This movie tells a story about two teenagers that become more then friends when they get to know each other. It has many lessons about friendships, telling the true and forgiveness.

We award this charming film the Dove “Faith Friendly” Seal for ages 12+.

Content Description

Sex: Young couple seen going into a shed for assumed sex; young couple kisses.
Language: Slut-2
Violence: Girl is rude and threatens another girl; girl tries to get another in trouble by posting art work.
Drugs: None
Nudity: Short shorts.
Other: Discussions regarding cultural comparisons between black and white people; discussions regarding believing in God and faith; lying; forgiving others; comments in song lyrics about "shake your groove thing"; pretending to be someone you are not; an absent parent coming back after fourteen years and asking for forgiveness.


Company: Bridgestone Multimedia Group
Writer: Lionel Chew
Director: Lionel Chew
Producer: Lionel Chew
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 87 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe