2012 Film Profitability Study


commissioned by The Dove Foundation One well-worn axiom in Hollywood is that movies are not made in a vacuum. The audience must be part of the equation if a film is to make money. The exciting nature of filmmaking is that the audience is not homogeneous, but rather it’s segmented  into a wide variety of […]

Dove’s National Consumer Opinion Poll Results!

The Dove Foundation conducted one of the most ambitious consumer opinion polls in history, at least where the subject of entertainment preferences is concerned. We wish to thank the eight million plus families who offered their opinions on certain critical issues concerning entertainment content; by telephone and online. We are getting this valuable data into […]

The Dove Foundation’s 2006-07 Studio Report Card

2006 2007 TNOR

Released on 10/31/08 Industry-wide statistics In 2005 The Dove Foundation released its Film Profitability Study of MPAA-Rated Movies tracking 2380 major theatrical releases between 1989 and 2003. The results revealed that on one hand, Hollywood studios released 12 times more R-rated movies than G-rated films. At the same time, the average G-rated movie was 11 […]

Statistics That Make a Case for Family Entertainment


Dove Foundation’s 2005 ROI Study* The Dove Foundation has released a new study which shows that G-rated films are 11 times more profitable than their R-rated counterparts! For the study, click the link above.  If you would also like a complete list of the films used in the study, that information is available by clicking […]

Organizations concerned about TV Violence

Advocates for Children and Youth* 300 Cathedral Street, Suite 500 Baltimore, MD 21201 Alliance Against Violence in Entertainment for Children* 17 Greeenwood St. Marlboro, MA 01752 Phone 508-481-6926 Fax 508-481-4215 American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry* 3615 Wisconsin Avenue Washington, DC 20016-3007 American Academy of Pediatrics* 141 Northwest Point Blvd. PO Box 927 Elk […]