producer: Oliver De Caigny

Beverly Lewis’ The Reckoning

July 5, 2016
Dove "Family-Approved" For Ages 12 and Over
"The Reckoning" is a dramatic, romantic film about honoring your heritage, making choices, and following your own heart. Katie Leclerc is outstanding as Katherine Mayfield, formerly known as "Katie" Lapp when an Amish family raised her. She now has inherited her mother's estate and works with a man [...]

For Better or For Worse

February 2, 2016
Dove "Family-Approved" For All Ages
In every family, no matter the circumstances, we want the best for our children. This story is no different. Wendy, who runs a beautiful wedding planning business, has raised her son by herself after her husband's death. She sends Collin to college and hopes that he will have a great future and [...]

Paper Angels

November 3, 2015
Dove "Faith-Friendly" For Ages 12 and Over
The holiday season is here, so gather the family to see this wonderful Christmas movie that is both encouraging and inspiring at this special time of year. It is amazing how sometimes peoples' lives intertwine at important times without them even knowing how much. Thomas and Kevin's lives come [...]

A Cookie Cutter Christmas

January 6, 2015
Dove "Family-Approved" For All Ages
Penny and Christie were great friends until they had to sing together one Christmas when they where eight years old. From then on, their interaction became a competition, even after they became teachers in the same school. No matter what they did, whether their children sang in their class, they [...]