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18 Winter Break Boredom Busters


Christmas is just a few days away and, if they aren’t already, your kids will be enjoying a school break soon. No doubt most kids are looking forward to sleeping in and the opportunity to pause in their studies. But it won’t be long until they’re looking for something to do. So here’s a handy […]

Simple Sparkle Christmas


During the holidays the pressure to do everything can slurp the joy out of the season! in this episode of Simple Sparkle we will talk about how to simplify and learn that having a spirit of generosity is all we need!

24 Days of Christmas Movies


I have a confession to make. I love Christmas. The music, lights, cookies, decorations, everyone looking out for others, and family get-togethers. I love every minute of it. Maybe that’s why I like the holiday movies so much. They combine everything I love about the season: Beautiful music, lights, decorations, and an excuse to sit […]

Thanksgiving Is Magic


I know that everyone and their sister is blogging about Thanksgiving this week. But I couldn’t resist. Being purposeful about living life and parenting my kids is something I’m passionate about. And yes, I know today isn’t Thanksgiving, but I’m betting most of you would be in a turkey-induced coma if I waited until Thursday. […]

Man With A Mission: History on Video for Election Year


Election Day is just around the corner, and the thoughts of many turn (perhaps reluctantly?) to politics. In a year when religious liberty has been an important issue, homeschoolers have an opportunity to draw lessons from history that can be applied to current events. And if you know where to look, there are excellent videos […]

The Unique Challenge of Parenting Teens in 2016


I think parents today have a unique challenge. It’s called technology. Because of the day we live in, with things changing so rapidly, we don’t have the luxury of mimicking good parenting from ten years ago. Why not? Because ten years ago, none of the apps on our kids’ phones even existed. Whenever parents from […]

Let’s Get Organized

Let's Get Organized

Sometimes we, as women, can get overwhelmed with the feeling that we should be everything and know everything, all the time. It’s an exhausting and overwhelming expectation! In this video, we will explore simple ways to complete a task, be at peace about not being someone we’re not, and how to ask for help. Let’s […]