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Welcome to Dove Parenting Blog, our latest addition to Most visitors to The Dove Foundation website are parents who are surrounded by countless pressures trying to raise G-rated kids in an R-rated world. The primary role of Dove is to equip parents so they can make informed choices when selecting entertainment that reflects their values.  The Dove Parenting Blog is the next logical step in that equipping process. Our Dove Parenting bloggers offer special insights into their unique worlds. For example, raising preschoolers and adolescents is quite different from ‘negotiating’ with teenagers. Homeschool parents face yet a different set of challenges. Media-savvy parents, especially those trying to balance celebrity status with the pressures of raising good kids, have their own issues. We hope you find Dove Parenting both helpful and enjoyable. New postings will appear weekly on and on Twitter and Facebook.

Janyre Tromp - Preschool & Adolescents

Janyre Tromp is a developmental editor by day and a writer at night. She has 3 books traditionally published books – a juvenile fiction (That Sinking Feeling), and 2 board books in the All About God’s Animals series. Her passion is writing about the beauty of the world, past and present, even when it isn’t pretty. Currently she’s working on a WWII book exploring issues of forgiveness and hope, tentatively titled The Way of the Sharaw. You can check out her blog at